July’s Tips for Solopreneurs

I hope you’re enjoying the heat and I sure hope you have air conditioning.
This month we’ve got a piece on “interactive” content, and the value that content can bring to your marketing, provided you can invest in it, a guide on how to use “influencers” to grow your brand and your presence on social media and, finally, seven common mistakes business owners may make when marketing online.
This month, all content is from a site I read regularly called Marketing Profs. They have an annoying sign up form that pops up before you read – just click on the X, I’m sure you’ll find the content worthwhile. Also, if they want you to sign up to read the full article, it may be worthwhile. They produce a lot of interesting stuff, some of which is relevant to small business owners. (However, much of it is only relevant to business-to-business marketers and so you may not want to commit, or you may want to sign up for to try, and then unsubscribe later. I leave that up to you.)

“Interactive” content is content that asks or requires the user to participate (as simple as an embedded poll in your article). This article discusses why it’s valuable for your marketing campaign. Fair warning though, the best interactive content is going to be expensive.
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We hear about “influencers” a lot. “Influencers” are merely people on social media who have a lot of followers, and a lot of influence with those followers. Influencers can be great for drawing attention to your brand, your products or your content, though the biggest ones will want substantial compensation for their influence. This article helps us understand how to use them for not just greater brand visibility, but fro creating social content (i.e. content for your brand that exists only within the social media space and not on your site). Note that the article requires you to sign up for a Marketing Profs account.
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This one might be for the experts out there. When we do things daily, sometimes we fall into habits that can be unhelpful. This article highlights seven things we do that might be counterproductive for our online marketing. It’s a geared towards people who are already marketing their businesses online on a full-time basis.
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Learn more about marketing your small business online by clicking this link.

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July’s Tips for Solopreneurs

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