Monthly Marketing Tips

How to Use Social Media for Your Small Business

Last night we held a webinar about how to use social media for your business. Please have a look: Related content: What do “social signals” mean for your business? Should you use Facebook for your business? Regardless of what else you do with social media, you should have a Facebook business page. Should you use Google+ […]

Marketing Tips for April 2017

Hello, I hope you are enjoying our wacky spring. This month we have three interesting reads for your business My introduction to Google Search Console and how to diagnose issues with your website and its appearance in Google Search Results How much money should you spend on AdWords? 16 SEO Experiments that will change how […]

Monthly Marketing Tips for March 2017

Yes, it’s April. My newsletter is a little late this month because I have been quite busy. I just moved into a new place over the weekend, I got a new computer and, earlier in the month, I gave a presentation on Google Analytics for WordPress. (You will likely find it useful even if you […]

Marketing Tips February 2017

I hope you are enjoying this weird and warm winter – the warmest February I can remember. It’s a little disconcerting to me, as I keep changing coats, and wearing the wrong thing all the time. I’m sure there’s a great segue in here somewhere, between the confusing weather and the confusing world of marketing […]

Market Your Small Business January 2017

Happy New Year! Yes, it’s belated. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and have already started implementing your New Year’s Resolutions, :). My New Year’s resolutions are: Move in with my girlfriend; Make enough money with this business of mine to go part time in my day job; Continue my current exercise regimen […]

Marketing Tips for October

Happy Halloween,This month I’ve sorted the content by expertise level. We have A beginners guide to setting up analytics on your WordPress website without paying a developer to do it for you How to market on twitter with the new (for 2016) timeline Whether to focus on keywords or content types when writing your content […]

Marketing Tips for the Solopreneur

I hope you’re had a wonderful summer. I’ve had quite the busy one myself and can’t believe it’s just about over. But it’s TIFF next week, my favourite time of year, so I’m quite excited. This month we’ve got helpful articles and videos covering content marketing, social media marketing and SEO. First, there’s a helpful, […]

July’s Tips for Solopreneurs

I hope you’re enjoying the heat and I sure hope you have air conditioning. This month we’ve got a piece on “interactive” content, and the value that content can bring to your marketing, provided you can invest in it, a guide on how to use “influencers” to grow your brand and your presence on social […]

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