Watch Riley at Work

Watch Riley At Work

Deciding to work with someone one-on-one is tough, there are so many questions you need answered.

On this page you can watch me work with clients and see what I’m like.

Choosing Your Type of Website

Buying a Domain for Your Website

In this video I help someone figure out what kind of website he wants.

Note: we knew each other before time so, when I’m helping you, I will have a lot more questions, far fewer assumptions and you will likely do most of the talking.

This video is more for educational purposes.

In this video, we discuss how to buy a domain.

Some of the issues we discuss include

  • “exact match” domains,
  • how much to pay for a domain name,
  • whether or not to purchase a domain from your future hosting provider,
  • and other things.

After watching this video, you should be able to purchase your domain without fear.

How to Purchase Hosting

How to Get Found on the Internet

In this video we discuss how to purchase hosting for your website (server space).

We talk about how there are so many providers it’s hard to know where to start.

Then we talk about how to spot a good hosting review site from a bad hosting review site.

Then we discuss what you might want in terms of cost, support standards, speed and the like. And I tell a story about a bad hosting experience.

In this video, I give a presentation about the three steps you need to take to get your business found on the internet.

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