Tips for the Solopreneur

I hope you’re enjoying the summer. I was in Montreal recently for the Grand Prix (and some terrible weather) and I am looking forward to going camping in a few weeks.
This month we’ve got an article about the “Website Obesity Crisis” (read: your page doesn’t have to be insanely long to be good), another about simplicity in User Experience design (UX) and whether or not it’s a good thing, and, last but certainly not least, a FREE SEO course for small business owners!

This article gives a funny and rather alarming rundown of the ever-increasing average size of web content. With better technology it seems that everyone has gotten carried away with the size of articles, perhaps without even knowing it. And this isn’t necessarily a good thing. (Certainly it is an awful thing for anyone with a slower connection and/or older web browser.)
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Wired gives us an alternative take: maybe it’s good that things have gotten so complicated online. They’re not talking about exactly the same thing – the above article is about content specifically, whereas this Wired article is about UX on the whole, but both raise good points. I suspect the truth is in between.
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“Seriously Riley, Rand again?!?”
Moz produces consistently produces the best SEO content online, which is why Rand Fiskin keeps popping up in this newsletter every month.
Here, he gives a FREE course on SEO for entrepreneurs. It’s specifically geared towards non-experts and it’s as good as anything free you can find online. An excellent resource, and one you can return to.
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The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Small Business Online.

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Tips for the Solopreneur

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