Not Enough Hours in the Day

There’s a cliche about retired people, they’re busier than ever now that they no longer have a full time job.

On Monday, I felt like that happened to me.

I have a podcast. (Actually I have two.) It’s a music podcast.

I don’t need to have a podcast. Nobody listens to my music podcast. If I stopped putting out episodes nobody would know and nobody would care.

But I like my podcast. When I was in University I had a radio show that nobody listened to. This podcast is like a continuation of that.

I bring up my podcast not because I hope you will listen to it but because this is what I did Monday morning: I recorded the latest episode of my podcast.

When I worked full time I had to find time, usually in the morning before my work day began, or on weekends.

But now that I don’t have a 9-5 job, I decided I’d just record it before I started working for the day.

And suddenly it was nearly noon.

And then my dad called and it was suddenly the afternoon.

And then I took a few lessons in my course and the day was basically over.

And I was left wondering, how does that happen? I didn’t do much. I got so little done. I had to do some makeup work today as a result.

Where does the time go?

Not Enough Hours in the Day

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