Daily Journal

On Hold

I’ve decided to abandon the solopreneur thing for a while, to go back to the office world for some more stability. If you would like to continue to read what I write, you can follow me in two places: For marketing, please follow me on LinkedIn If you’re interested in my non-marketing writing (philosophy, music, […]

No I Don’t Want to join your MLM. I’m sure it isn’t a Pyramid Scheme

I’ve been trying to grow my business through fairly aggressive networking, primarily through LinkedIn, for about a year and a quarter now. And through that time I’ve received many pitches for various tools and services that will supposedly help me grow my business, which makes sense. But I’ve also been asked to join 4 different […]

It’s Not So Much What Internet Marketing You Do as How You Do It

Recently a client told me that he would stop hunting clicks with articles that might get eyeballs but wouldn’t help his bottom line. This was music to my ears. I have a very long (and complicated) relationship with this client and had attempted to get him to stop writing “click bait” off and on for […]

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