Who Visits My Site? Website Traffic

Every single time a computer visits your site, that visit is tracked in your site logs. But site logs are awful to look at; the log is a list of IP addresses and, if you have a busy site, that list can be incredibly long. So your logs are painful to read but they also only give you a recent portrait – you can’t look at your traffic over the course of the last year, or what have you, unless you’ve saved them all. And you certainly can’t segment your traffic in any way that lets you analyze it. So you need a program to do that. Fortunately, there’s Google Analytics.

There are multiple website traffic programs, but the gold standard and the one that the vast, vast majority of site owners use is Google Analytics. I have written a post about Google Analytics. Also, I have given presentations about Google Analytics specifically geared to small business owners and solopreneurs. If you do not put Google Analytics or an equivalent program on your site, you will never know who visits your site. And therefore you will not be able to effectively market your business online.

Who Visits My Site? Website Traffic

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