About Your Business

Getting to Know You

    How many direct online competitors to you have?
    1-55-1010 or more

    Do your competitors use online ads?
    NoYesNot Sure

    What kind of balance between offline and online marketing is ideal do you?
    50-50Primarily offlinePrimarily online

    How should people find your website?
    Through searchThrough social mediaThrough PPC adsThrough links from other sites in my industryThrough some other means

    What do you want people who’ve found your website to do?
    Email meCall mePurchase my product/serviceGive me their email addressSomething else

    Do you want to manage your website(s) yourself?
    NoYesNot sure

    What kind of role do you see yourself having in your online marketing campaigns?
    Do it myselfSupervise someone elseOutsource the work to an expert

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