How to Fail at Thought Leadership

I got this message on LinkedIn just now:

Dear Riley As a SaaS GRC pioneer, we wanted to help enterprises during Covid19 on ANYTHING CYBER SECURITY, We launched virtual CISO services. Want to invite you to help us spread word on this, Also ping if you need for Riley Haas Digital Marketing Strategist or even refer your Cyber Security, CISO friends to alliance. With ❤️ Shan | Please bare with us if you have even received this note from us before. Apologies in advance, this is a new NORMAL, learning from it & helping at sametime.

I’m not sure what they’re selling me but I figured I would click on the link for a lark. This is what I found:

An infosec company website without an ssl certificate!

Ignore the poor sentence construction.

Focus instead on how the site is insecure.

This company is supposedly selling you security.

But their site is insecure.

They are spending time and money sending these messages out on LinkedIn, directing people to an insecure website to convince those people to hire them to help with infosec.

This is a little bit like me writing “I write real good” as the subject heading for an email pitching a magazine to publish a piece I’ve written.

It’s just too on the nose.

Don’t do this in your marketing.

How to Fail at Thought Leadership

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