What Do I Now?

What’s Next?

I’ve had a relatively productive pandemic.

I’m not trying to brag. It’s just worked out that way. I planned to quit my day job in January and go back to school and I did. And I finished my “mini degree” last month. And embarked on some other self-improvement goals, some of which I’ve completed, most of which I haven’t.

My biggest problem now is that I know there are so many things I need to do, not just for my business but for my other websites. (I run too many websites.)

The more I learn the more I discover what’s wrong. The more I know I need to do.

So I have a big list of things to do:

  • perform an audit on my various Google Analytics accounts (barely in progress)
  • improve my internal linking on my so-called “keystone” content on my various sites (barely in progress)
  • expand my professional network on LinkedIn (working on that every day)
  • create a LinkedIn group that is actually valuable to those in it (created but not valuable..yet!)
  • re-organize my “how to put your business online” content
  • fixing my facebook analytics issue
  • and lots of other stuff… (so much other stuff…)

My biggest problem is, what do I do first?

I’ve realized, after about a week of trying, that I can’t do it all at once. I’m just frustrated that I am not getting traction.

So my goal for this week is a better To Do list, one which I accomplish something significant everyday, making a change or taking an action which will make my stuff more visible to more people, or will at least allow me to do a better job of knowing who is aware of me.

With only so much energy in a day, it’s not always easy to figure out what’s the most important thing to focus on. I find that is specially true right now, with so many of my friends and colleagues worried about the pandemic, or the new gun OIC, or the food supply, or what have you.

But I take little incremental actions towards my tactical and strategic goals, I will be making progress towards those goals, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

And that’s true for all of. Even if you’re not sure what to start with, or what exactly to focus on.

The main thing is to pick something and start.

For me, I’m going to finish my Google Analytics audits – make sure nothing is wrong with the basic set up, make sure I am still tracking what I should be tracking, and then I’m going to get back to work on my content.

I’d be interested in knowing what you’re working on.

Hope you’re staying healthy.

What Do I Now?

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