Certified Optimizer

As of April 16, 2020, I am a “Certified Optimizer”, certified by the industry leader, CXL Institute.

A the end of 2019, I quit my day job to focus on my business full time. The first step of that was to learn Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

I’ve done that now.

One thing I wasn’t expecting, though, was to lean towards not actually doing CRO now that I know how to do it.

One of the many things I learned during my “mini degree” is that doing a really good job of CRO is an extremely involved process that requires many different skill sets, some of which I absolutely do not have.

Basically: you need a team to do CRO well.

But I have no interest in running a business with employees at the moment.

So why the hell did I do it?

Well, the best answer I can come up with is that I now understand all the many things which are necessary to improve your site’s conversion rate.

I didn’t understand the vast majority of those things before I took the “mini degree”. I was one of those idiots that sincerely thought it had a lot do with changing the colour of buttons. Seriously.

Now I know better. And so now my clients will know better too.

And given that I serve solopreneurs, who mostly do not have enough traffic to properly conduct A/B testing, I also know what they should and shouldn’t do in order to optimize their sites without relying on A/B testing.

So that’s something.

Certified Optimizer

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