Day 4: The First Wall January 7, 2020

My first two days were easy.

I went it alone in my business starting January 2nd, 2020. But everyone knows the world doesn’t really get going again until the Monday after New Year’s Day. Moreover, my girlfriend was off from work.

And so, I got stuff done, it really didn’t feel like I had begun my life as a solopreneur. There were distractions and I quit early. And though I did work for clients, I didn’t do much outreach.

So I looked forward to Monday January 6 as the real start date of my business.

Things got off to a good start: I did work for two clients – my only two clients at the moment – and then I started the next section of the course I’m taking on CRO.

And then I walked the dog.

When I got back from walking the dog, there was no internet.

I have a budget internet provider because I like deals. But, with the notable exception of moving houses, they are usually pretty reliable. (Their infrastructure mostly belongs to their competitor, Bell. Canada is weird.) The internet goes down occasionally but not very often, and it’s usually up again in 5-10 minutes.

But that didn’t happen. So I called them. And after a while they told me they couldn’t see the reason for the problem and would have to involve Bell.

After a few hours Bell sent me a robocall telling me to call back my provider so that they could then put me in touch with Bell. That was frustrating.

But in the meantime, I couldn’t do any work. At least not from home.

And I am one of those people who works from a specific place. Even in university I studied at home. I hated studying in the library. So the idea of going to the nearest coffee shop with my laptop never even occurred to me.

Instead, with no course to study, I cleaned the apartment. It felt like it was that or watching TV, which felt like admitting defeat.

So yesterday was a good morning followed by a pretty disastrous afternoon.

But today is much, much better: I did work for my clients again, I worked on the course, I networked, all things I intended to do.

And even though I didn’t get any good leads, I still feel way better about everything today than I did yesterday, when I couldn’t get online.

Day 4: The First Wall January 7, 2020

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