Year: 2018

How Much Does a Domain Cost?

Don’t Pay Lots of Money for a Domain I wanted to buy a domain today. I found that both the domain I wanted, let’s call it, and a variation,, appeared to be available. The former was for sale from a brokerage, the latter through any registrar. Though I’m perfectly content with, I […]

How to Use Social Media for Your Small Business

Last night we held a webinar about how to use social media for your business. Please have a look: Related content: What do “social signals” mean for your business? Should you use Facebook for your business? Regardless of what else you do with social media, you should have a Facebook business page. Should you use Google+ […]

Using Instagram for your Small Business

Should you use Instagram to market your business online? After all, don’t all the kids use it? Instagram is a unique way of reaching potential and current customers. But, due to its uniquely visual nature, it’s not for every business. Yes, it’s true, you can post text as a picture on Instagram but if people […]

Google Plus

Should you bother with Google Plus to market your business? That’s the big question.   Wait, what’s Google Plus? If you don’t know what Google Plus is, that answers the question. Google Plus is Google’s most recent attempt to counter Facebook. If you haven’t heard of it, that’s because it hasn’t exactly been successful. It […]

How to Use Facebook for Your Business

There was a while there when everyone was telling you “You have to get on Facebook.” If you asked why, you probably didn’t get a very good response. There’s a reason for that.   Using Facebook for Your Business You can use Facebook for your business – for some businesses it makes a lot of […]

Referral Traffic (Links)

‘Referral Traffic’ is the technical name for links to your site. A referral is when someone on another website clicks on a hyperlink to your website and lands on one of your webpages. Links have formed the basis for determining “trust” on the internet for much of its existence. It was, in part, Google’s use […]

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