Marketing Tips for April 2017

Hello, I hope you are enjoying our wacky spring.
This month we have three interesting reads for your business

  • My introduction to Google Search Console and how to diagnose issues with your website and its appearance in Google Search Results
  • How much money should you spend on AdWords?
  • 16 SEO Experiments that will change how you think about Search Engine Optimization

I hope you find this month’s content useful. And remember, I’m only an email away.

Introduction to Search Console

What is Search Console (aka Webmaster Tools)? Why should you set up a Search Console account?
Search Console informs you of your website’s health and how it’s appearing in Google’s Results. It’s an essential tool and central location for diagnosing issues with your website and how potential clients find it. Basically, Search Console lets you improve the way your site is presented in google so you can get more customers.
My presentation will show you how to set it up and give you a brief introduction on what’s available.

Read or watch my presentation

Using Adwords? Don’t know what to spend? Markeing Profs assembled a series of Infographics by Word Stream which illustrate differences in AdWords spending across industries. This is just a brief intro, but it’s a good place to start if you have no idea about what you should be spending and what you should be looking for in terms of results.

See the infographics.

By the way, click on the “X” to read the content, no need to sign up.

This listicle from SEO Sherpa covers 16 Search Engine Optimization experiments from across the Web that show what really matters when trying to get your site and business discovered by potential clients. There’s lots of great stuff here, for those of you who feel comfortable implementing this type of thing:

  1. Click-through-rate does indeed affect organic rankings
  2. Google’s mobile emphasis really did affect businesses
  3. Backlinks may boost your site even after they are removed
  4. Duplicate Content is not the end of the world
  5. The Top Spot is not what you think it is

And much, much more
Read the article.


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Marketing Tips for April 2017

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