Marketing Tips for November

I hope you have been enjoying our unseasonably mild autumn.

This month we have

  • A guide to crafting blog articles that will attract the right people for your business
  • 10 mistakes you should avoid when marketing your business online
  • Last but definitely not least: A complete guide to creating content that will attract more traffic to your site, and potentially increase your site views exponentially.

I hope you find these articles helpful and applicable to your business.

This is an article about strategies to attract the right kind of people to your content so they will read it, trust you and hopefully hire you (or buy your products). Just click on the X on the popup.
Unfortunately, sometimes the content on this site is behind a membership wall. I think it’s worth it to sign up so you can see all their articles, but you do not want to, here’s a summary:

  1. You need to create buyer personas to target your articles to the correct audience
  2. Working out topics on a concept worksheet – how to brainstorm to get the right topics covered and to prevent writer’s block (there’s a sample word version in the post)
  3. How to write strong headlines for SEO (i.e. to optimize traffic)
  4. Don’t forget your call to action!

Read on.

This article covers 10 common mistakes business owners can make when marketing their business online. Just click on the X. If the membership wall forces you to sign up, here’s a summary of the blunders:

  1. Don’t bit off more than you can chew: don’t take on too much, better to do a few marketing initiatives well, than tons of things poorly
  2. Don’t separate all your marketing efforts – they should complement each other
  3. Establish a process
  4. Don’t focus on quantity over quality
  5. Don’t follow everyone else with writing a piece on the latest trending topic unless you can do it better than others
  6. Focus on measurement
  7. Dedicate resources your potential customer’s User Experience
  8. Have expectations appropriate to the timeframe
  9. Don’t get overwhelmed with data
  10. Let your customer guide your marketing efforts

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This case study describes in detail the way an SEO company was able to drastically increase the traffic (by 100% or more) to some already well-trafficked sites over a relatively short time period (1-2 years). The authors believe that the process is replicable for even smaller businesses. I myself have not tried out the strategy, but is one I am intrigued by and want to study further.

There is also a free ebook available for this guide if you are interested in downloading it.
Check it out.

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Marketing Tips for November

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