Marketing Tips for October

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This month I’ve sorted the content by expertise level. We have

  1. A beginners guide to setting up analytics on your WordPress website without paying a developer to do it for you
  2. How to market on twitter with the new (for 2016) timeline
  3. Whether to focus on keywords or content types when writing your content either for SEO or content marketing purposes (or both)

I hope you enjoyed our indian summer and this early arrival of November hasn’t caught you off guard. Hopefully you find these articles helpful.
Thanks for reading.

I wrote an article!
Recently, one of my clients launched a new site for a program he just recently launched. He was really proud of it and rightly so; it looks beautiful. So he showed it off to a colleague. One of the first things the colleague noticed is that Google Analytics was not installed on the website. This is a great reminder of one of the fundamental lessons for small business owners setting up new sites: your developer does not do SEO and will not set up any tools unless you ask them.
You don’t need a developer to set up analytics on your site if you are using WordPress or another Content Management System (CMS). In this article, I show you how you – yes, you – can set up Google analytics all by your lonesome, without paying someone a ridiculous hourly rate to do it for you.
Read on.

I regularly get asked about whether or not businesses should use twitter (or any social media) but my answer is never the same; it depends upon your business. If twitter makes sense for your business then you should use it. If it doesn’t seem compatible at all, then you shouldn’t use it. For example:

  • Food truck owner? Then you should have twitter. You can tweet out your location, your specials, your deals, retweet happy customers’ tweets and the like.
  • Real Estate Lawyer? You probably don’t need twitter. That’s not to say you shouldn’t use it if you can find the time, but the thing about twitter is that it requires a lot of our time and attention be useful.

Let’s assume you need or want or already have a business twitter account. There was a big change in how Twitter displays in browsers and phones back in February. This article is a how to guide for people choosing to market through twitter with this new “timeline” interface. If you are using twitter or planning on using it, you should probably read this.

Read the article

One of the hardest questions for all businesses marketing on line is what keywords to target. (For example, do I target “Digital marketing assistance” or do I target “Internet Marketing Help”?) In recent years, some people have started to claim that it’s not “keywords” but rather topics that you should be targeting; focusing on keywords can make your content suffer but well written content on interesting topics will attract clicks, links and create conversions.

In this video Rank Fiskin of Moz discusses both approaches and charts a middle course. Bookmark it to watch for when you have this internal debate yourself.

Check it out.

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Marketing Tips for October

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