Tips for September

Good morning,
It’s already fall. I can feel it in the air. I had so many things I was going to get done by the end of the year and now I’m not sure I’m going to get them done, with just over 3 months left. But with the cooler weather, hopefully there will be fewer distractions. And hopefully this month’s newsletter finds you a little more prepared for autumn than I feel at the moment.
I hope you enjoy the articles and video and here’s wishing you a very early Happy Thanksgiving.

This is a great,brief primer on some key factors you should be focusing on for getting more search traffic. Unlike a lot of the stuff I’ve shared with you so far, this one is written for the lay person (phew). And you can ignore that it’s written for a B2B audience, as it’s even more applicable for those marketing directly to consumers. Here are the “four crucial things” you can do, in summary:

  1. Understand domain authority – a metric that is a guestimate of how well your site will do in the search results
  2. Maximize your media list – this is really good advice that not enough people follow
  3. Request a link – hard (for me) to do but really worthwhile
  4. Incorporate your keywords – but remember, you still want your content to be user friendly.

Read the full article. Just click on the popup box’s X to read the article.

Warning: requires signup to read
This article details 3 basic ideas about how to do content marketing better. It requires signing up to Marketing Profs, which may or may not be something you want to do, as they will bug you far more than I do. However, as you can see from a number of their pieces I’ve shared, they do have some good stuff (though I find much of it too niche).
Is it worth signing up for this piece? Probably. You can always unsubscribe from their notifications later if you want.
Sign up and read the article.

We want to put out interesting, original content. And we are told all the time that we need to make our content original in order to get attention.
But Rand Fiskin of Moz tells us that republishing your old content (updated of course) can actually be better than writing something brand new. This video explains why Google would want to promote republished content (i.e. your updated old content) over “fresh” content.
Especially for all of us with little staff and little time, this is really encouraging information that lets us reuse and re-purpose our old work.
Check it out.

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Tips for September

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