Solopreneur Tips for April

Marketing Tips for the Solopreneur

I don’t know if it’s my old age, but I am just appalled by this April’s weather. I am wearing a hoodie in doors and constantly feeling like the cold is actually in my bones.
Anyway, this month we have a couple of opinion pieces which I hope you’ll find helpful and a video. The video is a little more advanced but is the kind of thing you may want to bookmark for future reference.
I hope you find this month’s selection helpful. Thanks for reading.

This Marketing Profs article provides some useful tips for both beginners and experts about what not to do. It’s an opinion piece but the advice is helpful for beginners and a useful reminder for those of us who think we know these things but tend to forget more often than we’d like.
It’s behind a sign-up wall so it’s up to you whether or not you want to do that. I subscribe to their newsletter and, to be honest, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with them. Some of their content is great, lots of it is not. If this is something you think you would find useful, I would suggest giving it a try. You can always sign up to read this piece and then unsubscribe later.
Read the article.

This Marketing Profs article is not behind a sign-up wall so this one you can read without subscribing to. (Hooray!)
Everyone wants greater lead generation (i.e. more calls, more emails). This opinion piece is about the things that can undercut lead generation efforts. If you are working with a lead-generator or trying to do it yourself, this article is useful to review periodically to make sure you or your provider are doing it the right way,.
Read the article.

For our last piece this month we have another Whiteboard Friday video (surprise, surprise). This video is more for experts, but it could also be of interest to anyone looking to get an understanding of how the Google algorithm might work. I recommend it to improve your general knowledge, even if some of this stuff seems a little esoteric. It’s good to know about this stuff when writing content or figuring out what you are going to try next.
Watch the video.

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Solopreneur Tips for April

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