Solopreneur Tips for February

Marketing tips for the solopreneur

I was in Colombia for half the month and that’s made it rather difficult to focus on improving my newsletter. (If you’re interested, the trip is slowly being recounted here: Plug plug plug.)
This month I’ve three more great pieces about digital marketing. Hope you enjoy.

Infographics used to be all the rage. (An infographic is, in the broadest terms, information presented in an appealing design online.) They have their benefits and their issues. (For small business owners, the biggest issue is cost – they are absurdly expensive.) Search Engine Land, one of the most notable SEO sites out there, has created a Periodic Table of SEO. Now, for newbies this will seem daunting, but it’s the kind of thing that’s good to keep in mind. (Or, if you will, to print and put on your wall.) It’s a thorough, yet easy to survey remind of all the things we need to do to have a good website.
And remember: this is aspirational. Very few people are so good at this that they tick all these boxes.
Download it here:

Content marketing is one of the most popular ways for getting your message out online. But how do you do it? What practical steps can you take to start? Well, Marketing Profs has assembled an easy to use, 8-step guide to brainstorm, draft, produce and distribute your content online. It’s straightforward and relatively free of jargon. You can read it here. (Just click on the “X” in the bottom of the pop to get through to the guide without signing up if you don’t want their newsletter.)

Complimenting any content marketing campaign should be some kind of social media campaign. That’s a reality, whether we like it or not. Avinash Kaushik has assembled in depth examination of why you should use social media, how you should use it, and what you should expect from it.
It’s indispensable. Read it here.

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Solopreneur Tips for February

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