Do I Need a Website?

If you haven’t already, please read “When Word of Mouth is No Longer Enough,” where I discuss why you might want to have a business online.

Everyone tells you that your business needs a website, don’t they? And the truth is, they’re probably right.


Am I Getting Enough Business?

The first question you should ask yourself is, are you getting enough business offline? Are you getting enough business from the following sources?

  • referrals
  • offline advertising (flyers, direct mail, billboards, Yellow Pages, radio and TV ads)
  • walk-ins.

If the answer is “I am getting enough business,” then maybe you don’t need a website. But, if you are planning for the future, it’s still worth thinking about getting a website. I suggest reading my post about referrals as the source of your business to see if you can subsist on them.


Am I Happy with My Knowledge About My Clients?

The other major question to ask yourself before you build a website is, “what do I know about my clients?” and “do I want to know more about my clients?” For example, would you like to know more about

  • who your clients are
  • what your clients do for a living and for fun
  • where your clients are from
  • why your clients chose your business
  • how your clients found your business.

Because the other advantage a website will give you is it will give you the ability to learn more about your online clients than you have ever known about any of your offline clients.


You should ask yourself these questions before you hire someone to build your website because, just because everyone else has a website, doesn’t mean that every single company needs a website. (Look at key cutting services – they don’t have websites.)


When Word of Mouth is No Longer Enough | What Type of Website Do I Need?


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A Beginner’s Checklist for Putting Your Small Business Online

You’ve decided to take the plunge: to launch a website and finally, at long last, put your business on the internet. But it’s not as easy as just hiring a developer and poof, you get new clients. So here are some basic things to think about when you put your site up and launch your business online:

  • Is your contact information (phone, address, email, etc) clearly visible on your site? Is your phone number on all your webpages?
  • Are all your webpages necessary for your business? Do you really need that “our story” page and that testimonial page?
  • Is all your content unique? (Google ignores pages that are too similar to other webpages.)
  • Do you have an xml sitemap?
  • Is your site indexable? Sometimes, developers deny access to search engine robots during development. Make sure the robots can crawl your site!
  • Is your site healthy? (I.e. are there any crawl errors? Are they serious?)
  • Do you have a Google Business page? (Or, if you’re shy, do you have a Google Brand page?)

Print off this handy reference: launch-your-website-checklist

These are just a few basic things keep in mind when you launch your first website. If you have covered all these bases, you should be okay to move on to the next step, launching your Pay Per Click campaign, or your other marketing efforts.

Good luck!

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