Tips for September

Good morning,
It’s already fall. I can feel it in the air. I had so many things I was going to get done by the end of the year and now I’m not sure I’m going to get them done, with just over 3 months left. But with the cooler weather, hopefully there will be fewer distractions. And hopefully this month’s newsletter finds you a little more prepared for autumn than I feel at the moment.
I hope you enjoy the articles and video and here’s wishing you a very early Happy Thanksgiving.


This is a great,brief primer on some key factors you should be focusing on for getting more search traffic. Unlike a lot of the stuff I’ve shared with you so far, this one is written for the lay person (phew). And you can ignore that it’s written for a B2B audience, as it’s even more applicable for those marketing directly to consumers. Here are the “four crucial things” you can do, in summary:

  1. Understand domain authority – a metric that is a guestimate of how well your site will do in the search results
  2. Maximize your media list – this is really good advice that not enough people follow
  3. Request a link – hard (for me) to do but really worthwhile
  4. Incorporate your keywords – but remember, you still want your content to be user friendly.

Read the full article. Just click on the popup box’s X to read the article.


Warning: requires signup to read
This article details 3 basic ideas about how to do content marketing better. It requires signing up to Marketing Profs, which may or may not be something you want to do, as they will bug you far more than I do. However, as you can see from a number of their pieces I’ve shared, they do have some good stuff (though I find much of it too niche).
Is it worth signing up for this piece? Probably. You can always unsubscribe from their notifications later if you want.
Sign up and read the article.


We want to put out interesting, original content. And we are told all the time that we need to make our content original in order to get attention.
But Rand Fiskin of Moz tells us that republishing your old content (updated of course) can actually be better than writing something brand new. This video explains why Google would want to promote republished content (i.e. your updated old content) over “fresh” content.
Especially for all of us with little staff and little time, this is really encouraging information that lets us reuse and repurpose our old work.
Check it out.

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Marketing Tips for the Solopreneur

I hope you’re had a wonderful summer. I’ve had quite the busy one myself and can’t believe it’s just about over. But it’s TIFF next week, my favourite time of year, so I’m quite excited.
This month we’ve got helpful articles and videos covering content marketing, social media marketing and SEO.
First, there’s a helpful, albeit brief, guide to creating content your potential clients and customers will actually want to read and share.
Then, we have a video on the perils of using social media as the only way to drive traffic to your website.
Finally, our second video is a little more for an expert audience: solving common SEO conundrums.


This brief guide lays out a fairly straightforward way you can create content that past and future clients/customers will enjoy and share. The steps are

  1. Create buyer personas
  2. Finding your audiences pain points (including free ways of doing so)
  3. Creating a list of proven topic ideas
  4. Use the “CURVE” method to write your content (see the guide)

All of these are easier said than done, but the article gives some hints on how to do these things and a quick googling of any of the topics will find you many more articles on how to do these things. (Also, googling is basically how you accomplish step 3.)
Read the article. Just click on the X to ignore the signup box.


This video has some bad news. “Link building” – the process of getting other sites to link to you, thereby improving your position in search engine results – probably cannot be accomplished through social media. Social media is valuable; it’s valuable to share your content, products and services with people who won’t find it with the search engine, and it’s particularly important to building relationships and trust with your potential clients or customers. What this videos says is that what social media cannot do is elevate your search engine ranking in and of itself.
Watch the video.


Another Whiteboard Friday video – yes, I know, I share a lot of them, but it’s because they’re really good!
This one is more for experts. It examines 5 frustrating SEO experiences and how to possibly overcome them. Here are the five:

  1. Following SEO best practices doesn’t improve your ranking
  2. Your competition appears to be doing better than you through bad links
  3. I have no idea why my ranking goes up or down
  4. I can’t accurately quantify, predict or control my SEO
  5. Google is biased to big brands.

The content is definitely for people who know what they are doing when it comes to SEO. But if you do, this video is edifying.
Watch the video.

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Solopreneur Tips for March

I hope you had a good Easter. This month I’ve got two videos and one guide to share with you. One of the videos in particular is more for SEO experts, so I’ve left it for the bottom.
It’s an all Moz month this March (sorry), as Moz remains the best source of quality content for any small business owner wanting to learn digital marketing.
First, we’ve got a beginner’s guide to content marketing, an extremely detailed and useful piece for those looking to avoid using Google Adwords.
And thanks for reading.

Moz has long been the source for the best, most thorough and in-depth marketing insights online. Their content marketing guide is unparalleled. It is written so that even the most lay person can understand it, but it provides insights even an expert might try out.
Even if you’re not interested in their other content, I strongly suggest bookmarking the index for this guide, or even downloading the webpages for future reference.
Read it here:


In this episode of Moz’s Whiteboard Friday (their weekly series of internet marketing videos), Moz CEO Rand Fiskin deals with that question that always eats at the small business owner: should I rebrand / redo my website to gain more business?
Watch it here.


This second whiteboard Friday video is a little more for the expert, but it’s still worth watching. In it, Rand explains to us how to estimate potential traffic for our business, provide the business is for a particular niche and isn’t some big e-commerce site (not a problem any of us have!). It’s the kind of video that’s worth watching more than once, over the years, as you get more and more comfortable with online measurement tools.
Watch it here.

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Solopreneur Tips for February

Marketing tips for the solopreneur

I was in Colombia for half the month and that’s made it rather difficult to focus on improving my newsletter. (If you’re interested, the trip is slowly being recounted here: Plug plug plug.)
This month I’ve three more great pieces about digital marketing. Hope you enjoy.

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Solopreneur Tips for January

Marketing Tips for January

This is my first blog post on this subject and I just wanted to say thanks for reading it. I hope to share with you thoughtful opinions about the online marketing world and helpful guides and tutorials. They won’t normally be mine, but rather curated from some of the best sources online.

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