I love helping others and sharing knowledge. There are few things that I enjoy more than teaching. But I get frustrated by the SEO / digital marketing industry – everything is considered a trade secret and we pay an arm and a leg for work that we could do ourselves, if we only had the time and energy. I feel for the numerous business owners out there who have been promised the moon by an SEO company, only to see no improvement in their online presence. I empathize particularly with people who feel like they are even less sure of what to do after they have paid someone who hasn’t delivered.

To that end, I provide digital marketing training, education and strategy development for solopreneurs.

Unlike SEO companies, I am transparent:

  • I will tell you the truth about your digital marketing prospects online and I will tell you what to do and how to do it.
  • I will not make lofty promises or guarantees that cannot possibly be met.
  • I will make you self-sufficient in the digital marketing world so you can perform your digital marketing yourself (be it Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, etc) or if you hire someone you will know whether or not they are actually serving you with integrity.
  • I will help make you a digital native so you will never have to rely on a jargon-spewing “expert” again if you don’t want to.
  • I will help you be comfortable in the vital digital world, and help you expand your business.
  • I will help make digital marketing easy for you, saving you time and energy and probably even a little money.

Whether you have struggled with digital marketing yourself, hired someone or an agency to help you and been disappointed, or never even attempted to market your business online, I can help you figure out the seemingly complex world of internet marketing. I have designed, launched and implemented multiple successful content marketing strategies (including YouTube) and social media marketing campaigns. This has resulted in huge increases in traffic.

Content and Social Media Marketing campaigns improve your brand’s image, build trust and create greater interest in potential customers. A content marketing strategy treats your potential customers as people and helps build valuable relationships.

  • Become like a digital native
  • Increase your traffic and your engagement
  • Position your business for growth of your client base
  • Simultaneously decrease and optimize your marketing costs



  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO
  • Online branding



Digital Marketing Strategy ConsultationDiscussion about your business and your needsFREE!
IT Translation ServiceI help you understand what your service providers and contractors are actually sayingMonthly Retainer
(Or $0.9 per minute, minimum 10 minutes)
Digital Marketing Decision Making AssistanceHiring an SEO or PPC Company? Or maybe a Social Media Coordinator. Let me help you figure out who to hire and what to expect once you hire them.Monthly Retainer (Or: $1.75 per minute, minimum 20 minutes)
Wordpress DiagnosticsI help you figure out what your project requires and who should do it for you$100 (credited towards your project if we decide to work on it together)
Wordpress MaintenanceHave your wordpress maintained for you$100 per month
Top Ways You Can Market Your Business
(for digital marketing beginners)
Thorough list of the ways you can improve the reach of your brand onlineRequires consultationCAD$300
Content Marketing AuditThorough audit of your current content marketing campaignsRequires consultation

  • CAD$600 per channel

  • CAD$1100 for all channels

Social Media Marketing AuditThorough Audit of your current social media Marketing campaignsCAD$300
Complete Digital Marketing AuditAll of the aboveContact me for a consultation
Digital Marketing TroubleshootingTopic of your choosing$1.75 per minute (minimum 20 minutes)
Wordpress or Drupal walk-throughI will walk you through a Drupal or wordpress process for as long as you need the help$1.75 per minute (minimum 20 minutes)

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