Do I Need a Facebook Business Page?

If you’re a small business owner or solopreneur, whether or not you need a Facebook business page to market your business on Facebook depends upon why and how you use Facebook. Facebook business pages can be useful, but they’re quite limited in what you can do with them in terms of outreach. So, what do you use Facebook for?

  • If you have been on Facebook for years, you need a Facebook business page.
  • If you haven’t used Facebook personally, but intend to do so at any time in the future, you need a Facebook business page.
  • If you are not comfortable “being your brand,” then you need a Facebook business page.
  • However, if you have not used Facebook for social or personal reasons and you are comfortable being your own brand, you shouldn’t use a Facebook business page as your principal Facebook marketing strategy.

Facebook was originally intended as a social tool. It is still a social tool, but it is being used increasingly for business. If you have not put up photos, personal posts or expressed personal opinions on Facebook that you might not want associated with your business, then you can use your profile to promote your business, rather than a page. Why would you want to do that?

Well, because a Facebook page is limited in how it can interact with potential customers – someone has to interact with your page before you can contact them. Your profile page is not limited in this way: you can approach new people regardless of whether or not they’ve ever heard of you (or indicted to Facebook that they’re interested in your business). Mind you, you still have to respectful, follow good social media etiquette and not come across as hunting for profits but, provided you do those things, you’re in much better shape using your profile to perform outreach, rather than your business page. (Note: you should still have a business page!)

But, if you like Facebook for the connections it allows between your friends and family, or you want to give that a try, using your profile both for personal connections and your business is unwise and I would strongly recommend sticking to a business page if this is how you intend to use Facebook.

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Solopreneur Tips for April

Marketing Tips for the Solopreneur

I don’t know if it’s my old age, but I am just appalled by this April’s weather. I am wearing a hoodie in doors and constantly feeling like the cold is actually in my bones.
Anyway, this month we have a couple of opinion pieces which I hope you’ll find helpful and a video. The video is a little more advanced but is the kind of thing you may want to bookmark for future reference.
I hope you find this month’s selection helpful. Thanks for reading.


This Marketing Profs article provides some useful tips for both beginners and experts about what not to do. It’s an opinion piece but the advice is helpful for beginners and a useful reminder for those of us who think we know these things but tend to forget more often than we’d like.
It’s behind a sign-up wall so it’s up to you whether or not you want to do that. I subscribe to their newsletter and, to be honest, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with them. Some of their content is great, lots of it is not. If this is something you think you would find useful, I would suggest giving it a try. You can always sign up to read this piece and then unsubscribe later.
Read the article.


This Marketing Profs article is not behind a sign-up wall so this one you can read without subscribing to. (Hooray!)
Everyone wants greater lead generation (i.e. more calls, more emails). This opinion piece is about the things that can undercut lead generation efforts. If you are working with a lead-generator or trying to do it yourself, this article is useful to review periodically to make sure you or your provider are doing it the right way,.
Read the article.


For our last piece this month we have another Whiteboard Friday video (surprise, surprise). This video is more for experts, but it could also be of interest to anyone looking to get an understanding of how the Google algorithm might work. I recommend it to improve your general knowledge, even if some of this stuff seems a little esoteric. It’s good to know about this stuff when writing content or figuring out what you are going to try next.
Watch the video.

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Create a Google Brand Page

After you create your website, there are few things more fundamental to being found online than having a Google Business or Brand Page. This video gives basic steps for how to do that for those who are not digital natives.
The Google Brand Page allows users to find your brand and your site through Google’s search engine even if your individual pages may not be ranking that well. It also provides a place for customer reviews to display right in the search results, allowing potential clients to learn about your previous successes. It is an essential part of any small business marketing endeavour.

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Solopreneur Tips for March

I hope you had a good Easter. This month I’ve got two videos and one guide to share with you. One of the videos in particular is more for SEO experts, so I’ve left it for the bottom.
It’s an all Moz month this March (sorry), as Moz remains the best source of quality content for any small business owner wanting to learn digital marketing.
First, we’ve got a beginner’s guide to content marketing, an extremely detailed and useful piece for those looking to avoid using Google Adwords.
And thanks for reading.

Moz has long been the source for the best, most thorough and in-depth marketing insights online. Their content marketing guide is unparalleled. It is written so that even the most lay person can understand it, but it provides insights even an expert might try out.
Even if you’re not interested in their other content, I strongly suggest bookmarking the index for this guide, or even downloading the webpages for future reference.
Read it here:


In this episode of Moz’s Whiteboard Friday (their weekly series of internet marketing videos), Moz CEO Rand Fiskin deals with that question that always eats at the small business owner: should I rebrand / redo my website to gain more business?
Watch it here.


This second whiteboard Friday video is a little more for the expert, but it’s still worth watching. In it, Rand explains to us how to estimate potential traffic for our business, provide the business is for a particular niche and isn’t some big e-commerce site (not a problem any of us have!). It’s the kind of video that’s worth watching more than once, over the years, as you get more and more comfortable with online measurement tools.
Watch it here.

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Solopreneur Tips for February

Marketing tips for the solopreneur

I was in Colombia for half the month and that’s made it rather difficult to focus on improving my newsletter. (If you’re interested, the trip is slowly being recounted here: Plug plug plug.)
This month I’ve three more great pieces about digital marketing. Hope you enjoy.

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A Beginner’s Checklist for Putting Your Small Business Online

You’ve decided to take the plunge: to launch a website and finally, at long last, put your business on the internet. But it’s not as easy as just hiring a developer and poof, you get new clients. So here are some basic things to think about when you put your site up and launch your business online:

  • Is your contact information (phone, address, email, etc) clearly visible on your site? Is your phone number on all your webpages?
  • Are all your webpages necessary for your business? Do you really need that “our story” page and that testimonial page?
  • Is all your content unique? (Google ignores pages that are too similar to other webpages.)
  • Do you have an xml sitemap?
  • Is your site indexable? Sometimes, developers deny access to search engine robots during development. Make sure the robots can crawl your site!
  • Is your site healthy? (I.e. are there any crawl errors? Are they serious?)
  • Do you have a Google Business page? (Or, if you’re shy, do you have a Google Brand page?)

Print off this handy reference: launch-your-website-checklist

These are just a few basic things keep in mind when you launch your first website. If you have covered all these bases, you should be okay to move on to the next step, launching your Pay Per Click campaign, or your other marketing efforts.

Good luck!

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Solopreneur Tips for January

Marketing Tips for January

This is my first blog post on this subject and I just wanted to say thanks for reading it. I hope to share with you thoughtful opinions about the online marketing world and helpful guides and tutorials. They won’t normally be mine, but rather curated from some of the best sources online.

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