Market Your Business Online

Hello and welcome to my guide to marketing your business online. By following this guide, you should be able to use your business website to increase brand presence, your number of customers and clients, and your market share, not to mention your revenue.

Digital marketing is not much different than traditional, offline marketing. The main difference is in the tools used, which can be annoyingly unfamiliar and seem complicated.

The good news is that anyone – absolutely anyone – can market their own business online, using the same strategies and techniques you’ve always used, just utilitzing the internet tools.

Following this guide will get you from thinking about having a website to selling your products or services on your website at a rate you never dreamed of.

Part 1 – So you Want a Website?

  1. When Word of Mouth is No Longer Enough
  2. Do I Need a Website?
  3. What type of website do I need?
  4. Getting a Domain
  5. Getting Hosting
  6. Who should set up my website?
    1. Design
    2. Coding
    3. Additional Features
  7. Launching my website
  8. Website Launch Checklist
    1. Checking duplicate content
    2. Creating a sitemap
    3. Making sure your site is indexed
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Part 2 – Using a Website

  1. Do I need a webmaster? (How to handle maintenance)
  2. How do clients contact me?
  3. How do I see my traffic?
  4. How do I see if my site has problems?
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Part 3 – Marketing a Website

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  1. How do people find my website?
    1. Direct Traffic
    2. Referrals
    3. Search Traffic
    4. Pay Per Click Traffic
    5. Social Media Traffic
      1. Facebook
      2. Google Plus
      3. Instagram
      4. Twitter
      5. YouTube*

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